Wembley Stirrup Leathers

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Wembley Stirrup Leathers by EJeffries

Available from 36" Young Riders Pilch Leathers through to 60" in black and havana.

A recommended maximum weight of 45 kg is advised for Junior leathers up to and including 48"

We recommend for general riding activities our super quality leathers in 1 1/8” width. This is because the hides used today are from animals slaughtered at a younger age . A 7/8”or 1” width leather may not be substantial enough for the average rider. The better the quality of leather and greater the width, the less chance there will be of excessive stretch occurring during use. It is essential that Stirrup Leathers are correctly maintained to keep the fibers tight, and we recommend that you alternate your leathers each side to wear evenly. This will help preserve the strength and durability of the product and also help reduce friction and wear on the Saddle flap.