Fairfax Bridle and Saddle Systems

Fairfax bridle and saddle systems come with a promise of technical craftsmanship, translating into optimum performance for horse and rider.

At Castle House Saddlery we are a fully-approved Fairfax bridle, saddle and accessory stockist, including the following items:

- Fairfax gullet bars

- Fairfax grackle bridle

- Fairfax stirrup leathers

- Fairfax drop bridle

- Fairfax classic jump saddle

- Fairfax performance bridle

- Fairfax breastplate

- Fairfax bridle parts

- Fairfax girths

We are delighted to work with Fairfax saddles and bridles as their ethos matches our own approach.  Both ambassadors for the Society of Master Saddles, we believe in thorough data and scientific analysis, driving the ultimate choice of which tack will work best for you and your equine partner.

A scientific approach

What makes Fairfax Saddles and Bridles Different?

Rider position, horse/rider synchronisation and biomechanics have all formed part of the extensive research that goes into designing Fairfax saddles and bridles.  Using methodology such as Pliance pressure mapping and Centaur Biomechanics gait analysis, all Fairfax products are thoroughly assessed from a horse’s point of view.   

This independent research is globally recognised, with peer-reviewed scientific articles having been published in various academic journals on the Performance Dressage Panel, The Performance Girth, The Performance Jump Panel and The Performance Bridle.

This has resulted in a number of the Fairfax products being patented, such as the Fairfax Performance Girth – which some say helped Dressage Team GBR to gold in the 2012 Olympics.

Fairfax products come with a number of product guarantees, a solid seal of confidence in the performance of the products. 

pressure, stability and symmetry

Fairfax Bridle vs. Fairfax Saddle

Identifying 6 points of high pressure on the horse’s head (back edge of headpiece, front of headpiece, under brow band, under front of noseband, under back of noseband and over crown of head) through Pliance pressure mapping, rein gauges and Centaur Biomechanics Gait Analysis, Fairfax were able to develop the Fairfax Performance Bridle.  A revolutionary design it takes into account key findings of the research such as poll pressure vs. side of head, stability and symmetry of bridle and consistency of pressure.

The result is a Fairfax bridle built to maintain stability and symmetry, take away common pressure points and allow freedom of each bridle component to move as it should.

A Fairfax saddle system for every horse and rider

Fairfax saddles incorporate various ranges, including:

·      Fairfax Performance Saddles

·      Fairfax Classic Saddles

·      Fairfax World Class Saddles

Key to the success of all of these ranges is their flexibility to meet the needs of both horse and rider. 

The extensive years of research that have gone into the Fairfax Saddle ranges mean that key characteristics such as the Fairfax interchangeable gullet system, product variations according to rider biomechanics and the complimentary girthing systems give many possibilities for perfect saddle system set-up for both horse and rider. 

The use of prolite on many Fairfax products, including girths, bridles and saddles, means absolute comfort of horse and even pressure distribution is always foremost of mind.

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