Saddle fitting process

Our saddle fitting process for proper saddle fit is dedicated to the comfort and performance of both horse and rider.



With our qualified, approved status you get a reliable, honest and 360 appraisal of the proper saddle fit for you and your horse/pony. Your saddle fitting will take around 1.5 hours and you will receive a written record and set of templates. 


Saddle Fitting Survey


Be prepared


Horse Examination


Templating & Measuring


Saddle Trying


Buying your Saddle


The Final Fitting

How much does a saddle fitting cost?

We charge £70 call out per horse, for any saddle fitting within a 20-mile radius of Crook, DL15 9AB.  Outside of this then mileage is charged at £1 per mile. Evening and weekend visits carry a surcharge of £10.

We also offer on-site saddle fitting at our yard with overnight parking/accommodation, stabling and use of arena and jumps with historic Durham nearby for you and your horse to explore or make the most of local 4* training instructors and facilities. 

Our adjustments and flocking alterations start from £25.00. Some adjustments are able to be carried out on-site whilst more technical repairs/alterations will be required to be undertaken in the workshop or by the manufacturer.

Cancellations have no charge with more than 48 hours notice for first postponement, 24-48 hours is £20 and within 24 hours is £50.  A no-show will incur a full charge.   

Our commitments to you

Your saddle is a big decision and we understand the large cost implication for most of our clients. We promise to give you an honest and impartial appraisal of your horse and best approach for saddle fit.  Where we are providing you with a saddle we will always give an independent and seasoned eye on the best options and we will continue to support you throughout the purchase process to get a best-value and best-fit solution. You are protected through our indemnity insurance and terms and we are always at the end of the phone for any questions you may have.

Your commitments to us

Buying a saddle is much more than a simple transaction.  Working with us is a partnership in finding the right solution for you and your equine partner.  Sometimes this is not immediate and we may identify potential issues with your horse that need to be rectified prior to saddle choice.  This is to ensure the absolute best wellbeing and performance of your partnership.  Sometimes the right saddle for that is a process, not a one-off.  Once we have agreed the sale then we will take 50% deposit for the cost of the saddle. 

If you have bought a saddle from another fitter and have ongoing problems then your best initial course of action is to take this up with them.  Sometimes it is not possible for us to pick up someone’s problems without starting from scratch and we are bound by the Society of Master Saddlers, Saddle Fitter's Code of Conduct.

We do need you to do your part in maintaining your horse’s weight.  We understand and take into account the changing shape of youngsters but dramatic weight gains/losses can severely impact a saddle fit.  We recommend that you should have your saddle serviced regularly and recommend a minimum of six monthly checks.

Saddle loan service

We know that waiting for a new saddle can be disruptive and frustrating if there is no alternative. That’s why we offer a saddle loan service.  For just £10pw we will provide a fit-for-purpose temporary loan saddle while you wait for yours to arrive. 


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