Vet Eco Flex Cohesive Bandage

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Vet EcoFlex 10cm is a cohesive bandage suitable for dogs, cats, horses and other equines.

EcoFlex  is ideal for your first aid kit, offering protection and support for tendons and ligaments.

Assorted colours available and all come individually packaged.

EcoFlex cohesive bandages are multi-functional bandages that have an essential purpose.
Vet EcoFlex is a top quality cohesive bandage that is ideal for holding dressings in place or can be used when additional support is needed.  For extra strength and security and especially for hoof bandaging .
•Self Adhesive
•It will not move or slip so there is no need for readjustment
•Easy to Tear
•Water resistant
•Allows skin to breath
•Conforms easily to the body’s joints both large and small
•Holds wound dressings in place
•Provides compression for healing after surgery
•Support and protect the joints to avoid sprains and strains on the ligaments
•Individually wrapped

EcoFlex tears clean by hand, will not constrict, does not stick to skin or hair, will not shred and stays in place under the most adverse conditions. 
Vet EcoFlex is 10cm x 4.5m long.
Colours : Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Purple