Reflective Brushing Boots

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Shires 1994 Reflective Brushing Boots

The Shires Reflective Neoprene Boots are quality brushing boots with reflective binding and closure straps for increased visibility and safety when riding in inclement weather or poor light. These beautifully shaped protective boots are padded on the inside, with moulded synthetic strike pads for increased protection against brushing. Brushing occurs when the inside of one leg brushes up against the inside of the other leg, potentially causing injury and abrasion. This is a common occurrence that can affect both the front and back legs. The boots are designed to guard against injury from any knocks or bumps from brushing. The neoprene is easy to care for and machine washable. It is also breathable, and offers some shock-absorption and cushioning on its own. The soft piping borders the edges in an attractive line, and is the first element of reflection that can be picked up by traffic or streetlights. The Reflective Neoprene Boots by Shires fasten around the horse’s legs with two sturdy velcro fasteners. The outside of these two wide straps are also reflective, adding a great degree of visibility to your horse. These are great for hacking out in fog, rain, and at dawn or dusk.