Chilli Leg Wrap

Hot Chilli Leg Wrap

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  • 2 in 1 -  Warm and Ice Leg Wrap
  • Aids recovery from both acute impact injuries and long term chronic injuries.
  • Easy to use.
  • Warm in pre-boiled water or the microwave or chill in the freezer. 
  • Fastens with 2 touch and close straps

One size

Manufacturers Advice:- 

For Acute  and Chronic Injuries

Ice is used on acute injuries e.g. sudden, sharp, traumatic injuries, knocks, sprains, and bruises. The iced leg wrap will reduce bleeding into soft tissue, reduce muscle spasm, reduce pain by numbing the area and limit the effects of swelling.  Use the iced leg wrap for the first 48 hours (20 minutes of every 2 hours) after injury to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain, then use the warmed leg wrap to relax and sooth.
For filled joints, apply ice 20 minutes, every two hours, until swelling reduces. For filled legs or sore shins apply ice once for 20 minutes daily, or as recommended by a vet.

For ice wrap, place in the freezer and for warm wrap soak in pre-boiled water or warm in the microwave. The perfect leg shaped, 2 in 1, ice and warm wrap. Easily fastens with velcro straps. For comfort and safety, wrap a thin cloth around the limb and then apply the Hot-Chilly Leg Wrap.

Warmth is used for chronic injuries before exercise to relax and sooth the area. These have dull pain and soreness and are often the result of overuse which can be subtle and slow to develop. The warmed leg wrap will dilate the blood vessels bringing more blood into the area. This loosens tissues and relaxes the injured areas before exercise giving a direct soothing effect and helps relieve pain and spasm. After exercise use ice treatment to control inflammation and pain.

Do not use on broken skin.


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