Finesse Cayenne Double Bridle

Finesse Cayenne Double Bridle

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Finesse Cayenne Double Bridle

Designed with the horse's well-being at the forefront, the Finesse Bridle Cayenne boasts a specialized headpiece engineered to distribute pressure evenly across the poll. Backed by scientific research from Copenhagen University, this bridle ensures not just comfort but optimal performance for your horse. This unique design from the technology applied in hospital mattresses used for bedbound patients. It is not memory foam, but a uniquely designed fiber-material that allows the blood flow to remain intact in the parts of the body in contact with the material.

This luxury bridle is made with the 'highly recommended' stamp for horse welfare from a 2020 University of Copenhagen study.

No side buckles as the nose and cheeks do up with one buckle above the poll padding.  Wider padded noseband with pull back.

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