Happy Mouth

Eggbutt Bradoon Straight Bar

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Happy Mouth - HB-2235-SP - Eggbutt Bradoon Straight Bar

The Happy Mouth Bit is made in durable non toxic polyurethane plastic and provide control with less severity than metal bits.

The eggbutt is a fixed cheek bit, this may be useful for horses that are a bit unsure of the bit as it doesnt move around to much in the mouth, it should encourage the horse to stretch into the contact. An eggbutt bit would be less suitable if your horse is prone to leaning or taking hold of the bit

The Straight bar is a very mild mouthpiece; it is an unvarying mouthpiece, which means the pressure on the mouth doesn't change very much, as it is a fixed mouthpiece. The bit puts pressure on the tongue and lips (corner of the mouth), it does use slight pressure on the bars depending on the size of your horses tongue.