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Buckingham Working Hunter Saddle

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  • £1,195

The Buckingham Working Hunter Saddle is built on a flatter, broader laminated wooden tree to suit the wider native breeds. It features a cut back head to allow room for the wither, medium gussets, a drop panel with a slightly more forward cut flap making it an ideal choice for working hunter classes.

It is designed to improve the rider position, ensure a high level of comfort for both the rider and the horse and bring the rider more support than a traditional working hunter saddle with a choice of moveable blocks.  It provides plenty of freedom for the horse through the shoulder to allow maximum extension in the show ring whilst still offering enough support to the rider for those bigger tracks.


  • A range of girthing options complete with point and self-adjusting balance strap
  • Medium front and rear gussets
  • Adjustable Velcro knee blocks
  • Padded knee and thigh rolls
  • Handcrafted in the finest Cambridge leather & suede
  • Available in leather/suede finish, all hide or all suede