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Balmoral Show Saddle

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Named after the Queens Balmoral Estate which is resident to her Highland horses, this traditional show saddle is built on a flatter, broader laminated wooden tree to suit the wider native breeds.   Its wide gullet, slim line front and rear gussets and shortened panel makes it a perfect choice for those broader, shorter backed horses.  It is designed to improve the rider position, maintaining the leg in the right position without restricting it and ensuring a high level of comfort for both the horse and rider.  Its soft wool flocked panels gives more support than a traditional show saddle, whilst still allowing plenty of freedom for the horse through the shoulder to allow maximum extension in the show ring. 


  • A range of girthing options complete with point and self-adjusting balance strap
  • Adjustable velcro knee blocks
  • Soft knee and thigh rolls
  • Handcrafted in the finest Cambridge leather & suede
  • Available in leather/suede finish, all hide or all suede