Acrylic Working Hunter Numnah with Shims

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Quilt numnah with acrylic on the underside and rolled edge. It also has a memory foam inner and 2 pockets for shimmy pads either side.

This 5oz quilt numnah with an acrylic underside and rolled edge has the addition of our corrective design with a memory foam inner lining and 2 corrective shim pockets on either side. It comes with 6 corrective shims. Designed to help with saddle fit on a temporary basis due to a horses changing shape or if the same saddle is used on different shaped horses.  

Shims can be inserted or removed as required making the design an adaptable product. It comes with two 5mm shims in each pocket at the front and one 5mm shim in each pocket at the back, as standard. Additional shims can be purchased separately.