2 Pocket Everyday Quilt Shimmy Saddlepad - HiWither Close Contact

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This is an ideal close contact saddlepad should you need help in improving your saddle fit. It comes with pockets into which shims can be placed to help raise and balance a saddle for use in situations such as when a horse is changing shape, or when using the same saddle on a number of horses. Cut to the same pattern as NuuMed's very popular HiWither Everyday saddlepad and made in top quality 5oz quilt. These saddlepads come in black, brown and white; in medium, large and extra large. All come with short D-ring top straps as standard. 

All NuuMed's correction numnahs come with two 5mm shims in each pocket at the front and one 5mm shim in each pocket at the back, as standard. 

These saddlepads are also available in forward cut, dressage and general purpose styles.