Dutch Gag 3 Ring Straight Bar Mullen

Dutch Gag 3 Ring Straight Bar Mullen

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The Happy Mouth Gag Bits 3 Ring Mullen Mouth Bits encourages horses to accept the bit with it's unique Apple scent and the space age polymer provides for a gentler bit for a happier horse.

This Mullen Mouthpiece is very mild and ideal for mouthing young horses. A twisted wire core passes through the centre of the polymer allowing for flexibility of movement. A light weight mouthpiece that acts equally on the tongue, lips and corners of the mouth.

Gag Bits are typically used with two sets of reins, a gag rein and a snaffle rein, Gag Bits require gag cheeks. They work on the horse’s lips and poll, and are useful for horses that lean on the bit or get heavy on the forehand. They are most often used in show jumping and eventing.

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