Flexible and good value

Thorowgood Saddles are a flexible option for the lower budget

High Wither

Medium Wither

Low Wither

Changeable Gullet System

Pioneers in an accessible saddle changeable gullet system, Thorowgood comes with is easily-recognised colour-coded gullet system.  There are 7 widths of the R-Bar and 8 widths of the S-Bar. 

There is often confusion with which gullet bar is needed fora Thorowgood saddle, including the confusion between what is the difference between and S Bar and an R Bar?

The  gullet bar is simply the coloured piece of metal that is interchangeable in order to change the size of your saddle fit.  The shorter S-Bar is to fit the square cantle ranges that have lower-headed trees and shorter points.  The longer R-Bar is for the round cantle ranges with high-headed trees and longer points.* 

The Thorowgood gullet bar colours are:

Silver:  Extra ExtraWide Fitting

Yellow:  ExtraWide/Extra Extra Wide Fitting

White: Extra Wide

Orange: Wide/Extra Wide

Red: Wide

Blue: Medium/Wide

Black: Medium

Green:  Narrow/Medium

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Technical Features of Thorowgood Saddles

The Thorowgood Saddles feature various girthing strap fitting points with which to change fit and direction of saddle travel.  Typically with 4 girthing points you have the flexibility to switch these around depending on your horse’s specific conformation. Clear instructions for Thorowgood girth strap fitting are always available. 

Innovative and Reliable Materials

The Thorowgood saddles are designed to be simple to care for.  With a blend of leather and synthetic materials they typically need just a simple wipe-down with water/mild detergent and cloth or a brush with a soft brush.  For the leather sections they provide their own Rapide Leather gel to apply.

The synthetic materials are highly-breathable with flexibility and rub-resistance built in as standard.  Flocking is done using pure wool from EnglishJacob sheep.


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