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Saddle-TraC Security Microchip The Microchip Tag that identifies and protects your saddle and puts you on The National Saddle Register THIS IS A FANTASTIC AND SIMPLE ITEM ON THE MARKET DESIGNED TO PROTECT YOUR PRECIOUS SADDLE AGAINST THEFT!!! Registered Proof of Ownership Dramatically Reduces the Risk of Theft Aids Recovery of Stolen Saddles Makes it Extremely Difficult for Stolen Saddles to be Sold GIVES PEACE OF MIND! Simple DIY fixing with full instructions inside the pack. Suitable for most saddles, including air saddles and western saddles. No damage to your saddle, the chip is inserted with the supplied tool into the flocking holes on your saddle. Instructions for air and western saddles also supplied. The chip cannot be removed without destroying the saddle! A brass visible warning tag is also supplied for fitting to the D ring on your saddle. THE ONLY SECURITY SYSTEM THAT DOES NOT NEED TO BE SEEN TO BE IDENTIFIED - the unique microchip number can be read via radio waves on to scanners held by both the Police and Authorised Saddle-traC Centres which allows the creation of The National Saddle Register THE ONLY SECURITY SYSTEM ON THE NATIONAL SADDLE REGISTER Details of the saddle and its legal owner are registered against each unique microchip number. Inclusion on this register comes within the Saddle-traC package and gives the owner an official registration document as legal proof of ownership. Inclusion on the Register is free for 5 years and is renewable for further 5 year periods at a nominal fee. The documents can be returned at any time to update any change to the registered owner and a new registration document will be issued. Saddle-traC is governed by the Data Protection Act and no information whatsoever is disclosed for any purpose except to verify the legal owner to the Police of Authorised Personnel. Saddle-traC also operate a we based Lost Property Register to which all Police forces and Approved Saddle-traC Centres have access to on a 24/7 basis. It displays restricted information of Owners surname only together with the Saddle Description - Unique microchip code - Crime Reference number and Police Station that handled the loss. YOUR SADDLE IS PROBABLY THE MOST EXPENSIVE EQUESTRIAN ITEM YOU OWN (APART FROM YOUR HORSE) AND PROBABLY THE MOST AT RISK OF THEFT!!!