Magic Brush

Magic Brush - Set of 3

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MagicBrush for hoof, leg and coat for effective horse care

MagicBrush hoof:
* Easy cleaning of hoof frog and the smallest of gaps in the shoe
* Protects the sensitive hoof heel and coronet
* 100% water-resistant
* No bristle loss and virtually indestructible, even if your horse stands on it

MagicBrush leg:
* Reliably removes dirt, mud and stubborn grass stains
* Protects joints and bones
* Gets into the tightest of depressions
* Ergonomic shape and minimum weight
* Easy to clean and can even go in the washing machine

MagicBrush coat:
* Optimum for all horse hair
* Easily and thoroughly removes dried sweat from the coat
* Optimally suited to shampooing
* Optimum support for care during coat changing
* Removes stubborn horse hair from saddles and stable blankets