Hi-Lite GP Saddle

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The Shires Hi-Lite Elite Club GP Saddle has a well shaped seat with cut back head, crafted from durable leather look material, adjustable knee rolls. Benefit Self-Adjusting Gullet System Hi-Lite Elite with 'Benefit System' makes fitting so simple that you only need to choose between a standard or wide gullet. 'Benefit Standard Gullets' are combined with a tailored panel that will fit most horses. The 'Benefit Wide Gullet' saddles and combination wide panel will fit horses requiring a very wide gullet. This unique 'Benefit Self-Adjusting Gullet' technology allows one gullet to fit your horse throughout its life cycle of growth and varying condition. The hinged plates on the gullet are embedded in the padded saddle point pockets. They simply self-adjust to your horses wither / shoulder profile when you girth up and to the riders shifting weight. The system also offers freedom and flexibility of movement through your horses shoulders.