Equinola Horse Bedding

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Bedwell Equinola Horse Bedding (Each Bale: 20 kg)

Equinola horse bedding is made from high quality precision chopped, screened and dust extracted oil seed rape straw (Canola). Oil seed rape straw is an ideal bedding material as it is highly absorbent. 

Equinola bedding is treated with Lemon scented Tea Tree oil, giving it a lovely lemony aroma with all the benefits that are associated with Tea Tree oil.

Lemon scented Tea Tree oil acts as a deodoriser against stable smells and it really excels as a powerful insect repellent so Equinola bedding offers powerful protection from mosquitoes, flies, ants and other insects. Lemon scented Tea Tree oil is well known for its extraordinary power as a natural insect repellent.

Equinola Horse Bedding also includes a natural bitter tasting herbal mix to deter horses and ponies from eating the bedding.

Equinola horse bedding is packed in extra strong bags for better handling.

Equinola bedding has a rapid rotting advantage over some conventional bedding materials  and is fully biodegradable.

  • Oil Seed Rape Straw Bedding
  • Biodegradable, Natural Horse Bedding
  • Precision Chopped & Dust Extracted
  • Treated with Natural Essential Oils
  • Highly Absorbent with a Fresh Fragrance

 20 kg Bag